The project platform for teams that do deep work.

80% of users say Panel's unique workflow boosted their team's productivity "significantly" or "very significantly".

(Panel customer survey conducted January 2020)

How does it work?

Panel converts each task on your team into a single self-contained "panel" – one panel per task.

Create a panel whenever you need something from someone on your team – like making a decision, reading a document, or giving feedback on an idea.

Or, use one of our integrations to create new panels automatically from the tools you already use.

Block out time in your calendar to work through incoming panels. To help you focus, panels are disabled outside of your set times.

Of course, sometimes reality doesn't go to plan. Activate emergency mode when you're having one of those days.

Work through your panels one at a time. You can choose to action, snooze, forward or archive each panel.

Panel will send a thoughtful notification to your teammates when you update a Panel they're watching.

And... that's it!

We've carefully engineered Panel to help your team work together with focus and discipline.

That's why we're so excited to see more and more teams are using Panel and experiencing the benefits.

Panel is free. Forever.

Give your team the gift of focus. For free. Or take things to the next level with our Professional or Enterprise plans.


$0 / forever

  • ✅ 10 users per workspace
  • ✅ Unlimited panels
  • ✅ 2 integrations
  • ✅ Help center access


$45 / year

  • ✅ Unlimited users per workspace
  • ✅ Unlimited integrations
  • ✅ Custom panel types
  • ✅ Live chat support


Get in touch

  • ✅ SAML SSO
  • ✅ On-premise or dedicated server
  • ✅ 99.99% uptime SLA
  • ✅ Direct priority support

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